In September 2019, Coles County Habitat completed our 39th home for our newest family, James Dare, Alisha Quast and their sweet children, Brody and Delanie. 

A special thanks goes out to all of our volunteers and construction site supervisors, Zach Whitley & Butch Thompson, for their incredible dedication in completing the home!  More than 100 volunteers worked over 1,700 hours on building this home!  Along with Habitat's longtime loyal volunteers, dozens of new individuals signed up to volunteer and 6 groups including Charleston High School’s Habitat Chapter, Country Financial, EIU's Habitat Chapter, Home Depot, Mattoon Precision, and Wells Fargo Advisors.

Habitat extends our deepest gratitude to the following donors for their significant financial contributions in supporting this build:

Country Financial – $3,000 

U.S. Bank – $5,000

Wells Fargo Advisors – $15,000

We also want to recognize our generous donors who provided in-kind professional services &/or materials for the home: 

Carstin Brands – (countertops)

Fred Biggs Electric Supply – (lighting)

Hild Landscaping – (landscaping) 

Legacy Roofing & Restoration LLC – (roof and gutters)

R.D. Becker Valuation LLC – (appraisal)

Shade Shifters – (tree removal)

Showalter Electric – (electrical)

Finally, a warm thank you to Ida Cockrum & Rich Crackel for being James & Alisha's partner family support team.  

For more information on Habitat's work, please contact our office at 217-348-7063.


Coles County Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry welcoming all people dedicated to improving  living standards within its community.  The organization strives to enrich quality of life by building and preserving safe, affordable housing for qualified families and individuals through education, networking and community partnerships.

Coles County Habitat for Humanity (CCHFH) is thrilled to announce our 39th partner family, James Dare and Alisha Quast.  James moved to Mattoon in 2010 and has been employed at Rural King for the past four years.  Alisha is a Mattoon native and is a stay at home mom.  James and Alisha have two beautiful children, their son Brody is 7 years old, and their daughter Delanie is 3 years old.   

James and Alisha are excited to build their new home and to get to know everyone at Habitat.  CCHFH along with the family will begin construction of the home located at 3224 Shelby in Mattoon in April.  The home is expected to be complete in September. 

Anyone interested in volunteering for the build can contact Melissa McDaniel at the CCHFH office at 217-348-7063 or by email at 

​Habitat Welcomes Home Dare/Quast Partner Family!​

​September 2019

Our 39th Partner Family

Coles County Habitat's 39th Home