Wells Fargo Advisors gives $5,000 grant to Habitat

When Gary Swearingen, Wells Fargo Advisors complex manager, called Coles County Habitat for Humanity's executive director, Melissa McDaniel, to give her the good news they secured a $5,000 "mini" grant for Habitat, McDaniel commented, "There's nothing 'mini' about this contribution. It will have a significant impact on our ability to provide affordable housing for our next two partner families."

Habitat's board recently approved the two families this past spring, both single mothers who want to create a better life for themselves and their children. With one current build taking place in Mattoon and one planned for this spring in Charleston, Wells Fargo's support came at the perfect time for Habitat.  
"It costs approximately $80,000 to build each home, so every dollar and every donation matters," McDaniel noted.

Wells Fargo has been doing more than just donating money; they are becoming active volunteers at Habitat. From coming out to volunteer at events to swinging a hammer at builds, Wells Fargo is stepping up to be a key partner in Habitat's work.

Tom Bucher, Habitat's president, said, "We are thrilled to have Wells Fargo Advisors as a new partner supporting our work. It's because of generousdonors and volunteers like them that we can continue our mission of building affordable homes for deserving low income families in Coles County."


 ​Habitat Leaders Begin Fundraiser for Mary Jane Adams

Community members who are connected to Coles County Habitat for Humanity began a fundraiser to benefit Mary Jane Adams. Mary Jane is a Charleston resident with a nervous system condition and other ailments that have caused her to lose part of a leg and left her weakened. The funds that are raised will go towards a power chair and vehicle power lift to increase the mobility that Mary Jane has in the community. An account has been opened at People's Bank and Trust in Charleston for the effort. $2,300 is needed for the power lift and power chair. Let's join together as a community in order to support our members!

An update:
So far enough for the power chair has been raised!!! There have also been enough donations to begin funding the power lift. Approximately $700 is still needed. Wehope the community continues to band together to support Mary Jane and we can increase her mobility!

U.S. Bank Foundation Awards $5,000 Grant to Habitat 

U.S. Bank Foundation selected Coles County Habitat for Humanity to receive a $5,000 grant to support their Affordable Housing Program.  Providing access to sustainable, affordable housing for low income families is one of U.S. Bank's key pillars of community support.  

The alignment with U.S. Bank's vision and Habitat's mission for helping families thrive by providing a safe, decent and affordable place to live, makes for a perfect partnership.  Melissa McDaniel, Habitat's Executive Director, commented, "Habitat is excited and grateful for U.S. Bank Foundation's generous support.  Their financial contribution will help build Habitat's next home and support our housing services including homeownership education, mortgage servicing and management." 

Habitat's board of directors has selected Amber Pedigo of Charleston as its next partner family.  Pedigo is a hardworking, single mother, with two young sons.  Tom Bucher, Habitat's President said, "U.S. Bank's support allows Habitat to build affordable housing for deserving families, like Amber, who work hard to create a better life for themselves and their children.  In fact, the reason we can provide 0% interest mortgages to our homeowners is because of generous donors like U.S. Bank."  Habitat plans to break ground on their 38th home next month.   


At Coles County Habitat for Humanity we like to emphasize any news that spotlights our families, members, and supporters. We are proud to call the community that we have our Habitat Family. Supporting members of our community as they support us is something that we do not want to overlook.