Coles County Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian housing ministry welcoming all people dedicated to improving  living standards within its community.  The organization strives to enrich quality of life by building and preserving safe, affordable housing for qualified families and individuals through education, networking and community partnerships.

We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary!

And, we have accomplished much in that time.  Notably:

Building 33 homes throughout Coles County.

Partnering with area businesses and organizations in providing               affordable mortgages  to qualified individuals and families at zero          interest.

Partnering with the EIU campus chapter in construction, fundraising,      and public relations activities.

Opening a nearly 12,000 sq.ft. ReStore at 520 W. Lincoln in            Charleston.

Purchasing the building that currently houses Coles County Habitat for Humanity, the Charleston Food Pantry, and the Coalition for People in need.

Funding construction for over 42 homes world-wide through our tithe to Habitat International.

    Contact Information

     Coles County Habitat for Humanity Affiliate                                                       ReStore                        

     990 West State, Charleston, IL 61920                                                     520 W Lincoln , Charleston, IL 61920           Office Phone:  217-348-7063                                                                   ReStore Phone:  217-348-7066


     colescountyhabitat@consolidated.net                                                  colescountyrestore@gmail.com